Bob & Ray Who????

While I was unable to find the “Komodo Dragon” routine on You Tube, I did manage to find a few other gems. Some of my older readers may already be giggling, but an equal number might be repeating the title of this post – Bob & Ray who? I’m sure most of my younger readers are also wondering who Bob and Ray might be.

Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding were a comedy team who got their start when they were both disc jockeys at the same radio station in Boston. Like so many performers before and since, they began by informally improvising on each other’s radio shows. Soon, their fans were more excited about their comedy routines than their regular shows and, in 1946, the station gave them their own show called “Matinee with Bob and Ray.”

From then on, it was various radio shows, television appearances, and comedy albums. Most of their early stuff was totally unscripted, but the time constraints of television forced them to do some advanced planning for later skits.

Ray Goulding passed away in 1990, but he and Bob appeared fairly regularly up until that time. Their typical skit had one of them interviewing the other. I always loved their humor because it demonstrated the foolish questions asked by so many reporters. If you listen closely to any of the network interviewers you’ll soon realize that, because they are so intent in asking a certain set of questions, they fail to listen closely to the answers.

To me, the ‘Komodo Dragon’ interview was the epitome. But that’s the one I couldn’t find. However, this interview of an expert on the Whooping Crane definitely demonstrates the point I’m trying to make.

This next bit is more fitting before an Olympics event, but I’m sure most people will see the humor in this interview.

And finally, one for all small business owners looking for ways to increase the bottom line.

Were we really that naive back then? Or do Bob & Ray routines prove that you don’t have to use foul language to make people laugh?

In my humble opinion, we need some comedians willing to step up and show that this brand of humor would still work. Of course, it would take more effort on their parts.


One Response to Bob & Ray Who????

  1. jane says:

    anyone have a copy of the whooping crane expert? looking for a friend. he says that it is the best of their skits.


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