November… Already?

I started this blog in May. It’s hard to believe I’ve been doing this for almost six months.

For my fiftieth birthday one of my friends(?) gave me a coffee mug with a drawing of an older man speeding down a hill in a little red wagon. Under the drawing are the words, “Once you get over the hill, you pick up speed.”

I’m not totally convinced this phenomenon is a result of advancing age. True, as a small child, hours dragged on forever… especially when we were waiting for the ice cream man or some other special treat. But back then, we had nothing else to occupy our minds.

Today, it seems we’re always on the go. There are very few evenings when my bride and I can just stay home and vegetate. Sometimes it seems like we’re away from home more than we’re at home.

This week is a perfect example. This past Wednesday was choir practice at church. Immediately following the practice, we raced over to the community playhouse so I could rehearse for the ‘Senior Follies’ which will be presented sometime in the Spring.

On Thursday night, while Lu was meeting with her prayer group, I was rehearsing with Nostalgia – the musical group that entertains at retirement homes.

Normally, Friday would be a performance by Nostalgia, but since it was Halloween, we took the week off, which allowed my bride and I to attend a costume party. You can bet I did not go as a coffee pot. (Refer to yesterday’s post if you find that statement confusing.)

This morning I will be attending a Thrivent meeting. Thrivent is a Lutheran insurance and investment group that provides funding for many charitable causes so it can keep its non-profit status. After the meeting, I’ll stop by a nearby restaurant that is sponsoring a classic car show.

Sunday will have me up before the sun so I can go pick up doughnuts to serve during our church’s election of Thrivent representatives. I have to be at church by 7:45 to warm up with the choir. Because it is All-Saints Sunday, we’ll be singing at both the 8:15 and 11:00 AM services.

Did I mention that we’ll be babysitting one of our granddaughters on Saturday night?

On Monday evening, we’ll be attending a Stephen Ministry meeting. When a class for new ministers begins in January, my bride and I will be teaching the students.

That leaves us with Tuesdays. Right now, only two Tuesdays a month are dedicated to outside activities.

I think I just got tired listing it all… and that really isn’t all. Lu has a full-time job and I work part-time. In between, we try to get together with our children and from time to time get together for dinner with friends.

In our spare time, we’ll sit back and listen to Nat King Cole and some of the other great singing artists of the past.


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