Another Photo – Another Thought

Anna Grayce

Anna Grayce

This photo was taken last Sunday when we went to celebrate some birthdays. Spending time with two grand daughters – neither of which was having a birthday – proved to be a wonderful way to spend an autumn afternoon.

My bride encouraged each family unit to pick out a pumpkin and announced that good old grandpa would pay. The gourds were seventy-nine cents a pound and grandpa encouraged everyone to select the smaller, more nicely proportioned pumpkins.

Thirty some dollars later, we had lunch and bithday cupcakes.

Emma Fae

Emma Fae

Emma is older than Anna and no longer makes a mess when she eats cupcakes.

Great Cupcake Grandma!

Great Cupcake Grandma!

However, Emma did select the larger pumpkin.

Dad's trying to help Emma.

Dad is trying to help - but Emma can do it herself... for now

Soon we’ll get to see the grandkids in their Halloween costumes. One more thrilling episode for grandparents!

Speaking of birthdays…

Happy Birthday Ariana!

Happy Birthday Ariana!

Ariana is five years old today!


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