A Rainy Day in Georgia

The rain started sometime during the night and is continuing. This year hasn’t been quite as dry as the last three or four, but we’re still eight or nine inches below normal for the year. I have no idea what the cumulative total is over the last four or five years, but it must be close to forty or fifty inches. I wonder why the weather people on TV don’t bother reporting such things.

I cut the grass a few days ago. I think I bagged more leaves than grass. I kicked up a lot of dust, which reminded me again how dry it has been. The last appreciable rain we’ve had came from Hurricane Fae. Our rain gauge showed about seven inches in less than two days. As dry as the ground was, most of it ran off without soaking in.

Hanna, Gustav, and Ike all missed us. How many people can honestly say they were disappointed because a tropical storm missed them? I don’t know the source of this rain, but thus far it has been a nice gentle rain – a little more than a drizzle, but far less than a downpour. Hopefully it will last all day. With luck, maybe we’ll get two or three days out of it.

It’s interesting that regardless of how dry it has been, the ‘personalities’ that give the weather report on television will be apologizing if the rain sticks around more than a day or so. They seem to think their ratings will go down if they can’t provide sunny clear days on a regular basis.

I’m not a television personality and I don’t care about ratings. Therefore, I’m hoping we can all sing this next song.

I always enjoyed listening to Brook Benton.

As long as we’re listening to songs about raining, we might as well include one by Carole King.

Wait a minute! Rain until September? That might be overdoing it a bit… unless we all want to start building arks.


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