Things that Come in Threes

Karen Taylor, a guitar player and vocalist for our Nostalgia band, likes to tell about a friend of her’s who has trouble remembering her ABD’s. Regardless of how many times I hear that, it makes me laugh.

The trios I’m going to spotlight today may or may not know their alphabet, but they sure knew how to sing pretty! Their hit songs came while I was growing up, and I still enjoy listening to them. Hopefully you’ll feel the same. Let’s start with the Fleetwoods – not to be confused with Fleetwood Mac… who ever he is.

To my knowledge, that was the Fleetwoods’ first big hit. Unfortunately, my classmates in high school considered it to be a cha-cha number; I was still trying to learn the box-step for the waltz. I sat out the dances when they played that song. Come to think of it, I sat out a lot of dances. That’s what happens when one is afraid to ask a girl to dance. I guess things are different today; the girls have no problem calling the boys. There was a song called “Born too late”, but I think I was born too early!

Mr. Blue was a song I could relate to very easily. Some of my readers might even recall a humorous number put together by the Four Preps who wanted all the other groups to go away. Their plan was to send the Fleetwoods to Alaska so he’d be Mr. Blue because he was freezing. The one Fleetwoods’ song that I really liked to dance to was nice and slow.

To me it’s a tragedy that the local radio stations no longer play music like that!

The next trio I want to bring to the forefront was a country group that successfully crossed over to the mainstream of music. The Browns had an early hit called “Three Bells.”

Both of these groups had beautiful close harmonies, but my ears enjoyed the Browns a bit more than the Fleetwoods. I especially like this next song.

But my all-time favorite was about a worker I could’ve mentioned in a post I wrote a few days ago – featuring jobs that were pushed aside by modern technology.

In truth, those folks lucky enough to vacation in Hawaii or other tropical climes may have discovered the modern version of the old lamplighter. When my bride and I were vacationing on Maui, a guy in a loin cloth was running around lighting the Tiki torches. It’s not quite the same, but it will have to do.

This is an article on trios. In retrospect, I should include another trio. To be more specific, it should be a trio comprised of one male and two female vocalists. Off the top of my head, I couldn’t come up with another trio that would fit in with the two I’ve highlighted.

What do you think? Let me know if I’ve overlooked your favorite group. That’s what the comments section is for!

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