Picture Day at the Three Dog Pub & Ice Cream Parlor

The Production Crew

The Production Crew

A few years ago my bride and I began a family tradition. Once a year we gather up the grandchildren for a group photograph. Which begs the question…

How many adults does it take to get a picture of the grandchildren???

This year we had thirteen adults and ten children. In truth, my bride and I are in our second marriages; thus the numbers represent the merging of two families. On my side, there are four adult children and eight grandchildren. On Lu’s side, there are three adult children and three grandchildren.

So, who’s good at math? You’re right, there should have been eleven grandchildren in the photo. The reason for the missing child is a simple one. Tyler was born to a teenaged mother and given up for adoption. He now lives in another state… but he’ll always have a place in the hearts of those who still love him.

After the grandchildren’s pictures were taken, Bridget McLean took pictures of individual family groupings. While she was doing that, grandpa and his granddaughters started putting toppings on pizzas. The house full of family was soon enjoying white clam, veggie, meat lovers, and numerous other varieties of pizza. Some of those pies even wound up with pepperoni smiley faces!

While grandpa was heading up the pizza committee, he soon realized his helpers were disappearing; Grandma Lu was on the deck serving up ice cream cones! Obviously no one went away hungry!

A tradition that began with five or six little children has mushroomed! This year’s roster included granddaughters Rachel, Maggie, Ellie, Alexis, Ariana, Emma, and Anna, and grandsons, Dominic, Landon, and Daniel. The challenges for Bridget were numerous: Ellie and Ariana decided they didn’t want to smile; Landon and Dominic decided they’d rather run around than stand or sit to have their picture taken; and Daniel decided he preferred munching on grass in lieu of looking up and smiling.

I’d guess that Bridget took more than a hundred pictures. When she gets back to her studio she’ll work her magic. With the help of a computer, she’ll move the best facial shot of each child onto his or her shoulders in the best grouping. When she finishes, it will look like one big happy family with everyone smiling, no one wandering off, and no one eating the grass.

In the meantime, my bride and I can begin planning for next year’s production. We know that there’ll be at least one more grandchild by this time next year and there’s still plenty of time for other couples to submit their own additions.

While we wait to determine the final numbers for next year, and look forward to see the results of Bridget’s magic, we’ll have the pictures Lu and I took to keep us occupied. Here’s the best (in my humble opinion) of the ones we took.

Our Grandchildren

Our Grandchildren

You might want to count them before the boys make a run for it!


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