A September Sunday

Sunset on Spot Road

Sunset on Spot Road

I’ve been told that not many people visit blogs on Sundays. Some people don’t even bother posting anything new on Saturdays or Sundays. They don’t think it’s worth the effort. Personally, I would hope that anything I add is worth the time for someone to read it. Why should I waste your time?

If you look on the right side of this screen, you’ll see two different ways to access the things I’ve written – by month or by category. I would hope each visitor would be curious enough to see what else I have to say. Therefore, someone who visits on Wednesday might be interested in something I added over the weekend. I have an obligation to try to make it interesting.

With all that said, I have little else to say. That’s not entirely true. I always have more to say!

I’ve included the photo above because I see more sunsets than sunrises. I love to see them both, but even if I’m up and about before the sun, I don’t always take the time to peek out the windows. I really should – that’s how I managed to see the two foxes cavorting in our front yard – but my mind usually isn’t in gear until after my second cup of coffee.

I was on my way home from our church when I took the picture of the sunset. I sing with a group called Nostalgia; we practice on Thursday evenings and normally perform on Friday or Saturday evenings. One of the songs I’m often asked to sing at senior citizen venues is one written by an Irish man named Phil Coulter. “Gold and Silver Days” usually brings tears to many eyes, but they still ask that we perform it.

Considering the political news and the Republican Candidate for Vice-President, there’s another Phil Coulter song that is extremely fitting.

Mr. Coulter wrote that song about his own Downs-Syndrome son.

I recently wrote about my first job as a school teacher. I worked with emotionally disturbed children at a mental hospital. There were also units for the children who were considered ‘retarded’. Many of those children were Downs-Syndrome children. I can recall reading a book entitled, “Bless the Beasts and the Children”. Those two experiences led me to realize that Downs-Syndrome children are truly the Children of God. They are totally innocent and loving. It’s a shame that all children aren’t as well behaved and loving.

Perhaps having Sarah Palin in the news will make people more aware of special needs children and remove much of the undeserved stigma. Just in case, here’s another reminder of reasons to love those children as much as all others.


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