Frequent Visitors

Frequent Visitors

Growing up within the city limits of Pittsburgh, the critters we encountered were few and far between. We, unlike many city dwellers, never had any real rodent problems, but we certainly had our share of bugs. Again, we were fortunate in that most of the bugs we encountered were outside. I’d say my Mom did a good job of keeping things clean and less than inviting for unwanted guests.

I don’t recall many butterflies, but I do remember lightning bugs, bees, wasps, and hornets. By the way, did you know that the original name for butterflies was flutter-bys? That name seems much more appropriate to me.

I don’t recall ever seeing a garden spider until I moved to Imperial, Pennsylvania. The only raccoons and possums I ever saw were around my sister’s home in Ingomar. Back in the neighborhood of my parent’s home, we’d see an occasional stray dog, but I don’t ever recall seeing a stray cat. Perhaps the stray dogs took care of that.

Very early in my life, we’d sometimes see a horse and wagon, but those sightings were very infrequent.

While birds were abundant in the warmer months, very few of them wintered in Pittsburgh. Our assortment of species was limited to wrens, robins, starlings, and a rare crow or two. The only time I heard the call of a Blue Jay was when we were visiting my Uncle Lewis in New Jersey.

Moving to Castle Shannon, a suburb of Pittsburgh gave us the joy of watching Ring-necked Pheasants pass through our back yard almost daily. Of course, had I been an avid hunter, I may have seen them in a different light.

But moving to the woods of North Georgia has broadened our horizon. There are times when I think we might be living in the middle of a wildlife sanctuary.

Our Wildlife Sanctuary

Our Wildlife Sanctuary

I’ve been living on this plot of land since 1993 and have seen everything from turtles to geese. We’ve been visited by foxes, squirrels, lizards, hummingbirds, blue jays, cardinals, Baltimore Orioles, Penguins, yellow finches, snakes, and some of the strangest insects you’d ever want to see.

Bug Eyes

Bug Eyes

I should add this picture to my list of contests. If you know what it is, feel free to tell us with a comment.

The most recent visitor managed to find his or her way inside.

A Cousin of Kermit?

A Cousin of Kermit?

I always thought frogs ate bugs. Wasn’t it Kermit who said, “Time’s fun when you’re having flies.”?

Perhaps the frog realized that the bug was bigger then he or she, and opted to drop in for a visit rather than face the uncertainty of trying for peaceful coexistence with an insect.

At any rate, we’ll continue to keep our camera handy and see what else might drop in to visit with us.

And yes, I lied about the penguin, although we have been visited by Pittsburgh Penguin fans.


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