A Silly Sunday

A typical Sunday morning during my childhood found my parents telling my brother and I that we had to go to Sunday School. If we were too tired or too sick to go to church, we would be too tired or too sick to go out and play later in the day. So off we went.

While we were at Sunday School, my parents enjoyed the peace and quiet as they read the Sunday newspaper. I never did ascertain why they didn’t go to church yet felt so strongly that we should go. Perhaps they sensed the sinning little devils we really were.

In any case, when we returned home we enjoyed one of our favorite childhood pastimes – reading the Sunday funny pages. Fortunately, in those days there were two sections; we didn’t need to fight to see who got to read them first.

I’m not going to show you the Sunday comics section today, but I will share a couple of cartoons with you. We’ll start with Woody Woodpecker.

And now, a word from a sponsor. They’re not paying me a dime for this, but it should bring back a few more memories for many folks.

And finally, we’ll finish up with my all-time favorite cartoon character. I consider myself fortunate to have found this particular cartoon. This is the birth of Baby Huey!

That’s all folks!


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