A Boomers Saturday Morning

I can remember, as a young father, getting out of bed on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons with my oldest son. But the more I think about it, when I was a boy, we didn’t have cartoons to watch. We had adventure serials.

I’ve dug through youtube.com and found a few of my old favorites. I couldn’t find anything on “Fury, the story of a horse, and the boy who loves him.” I was also stumped trying to find a television episode of Hopalong Cassidy. But I think you might enjoy what I did manage to scare up.

We’ll begin with Captain Midnight!

Watching episodes like this reminds me that we viewers were given titles by each of the programs we watched. We were Video Rangers, members of the Secret Squadron, Howdy Doody’s peanut Gallery, and suckers for decoder rings and badges.

Let’s move on to Roy Rogers.

Now that brings back memories of Gabby Hayes, Wild Bill Hickock, Jingles, and a myriad of others like the Cisco Kid and Pancho. We can also add Zorro to that mix. Tom Mix was a name I heard a lot when I was young, but I believe he was retired by the time I came along.

Another Saturday morning favorite was Sky King. I often wonder if his niece, Penny, was added to get the interest of certain teenaged viewers. As an eight year old, she was a girl with cooties that got in the way of the story.

Finally, let me present one more American hero who was constantly fighting to protect our freedom. Let’s hear it for Commando Cody!

Let me close this post by saying my bride’s surgery went very well. She won’t be kicking me for a few days, but after that she should be back to normal.

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