Captain Video and the Video Ranger

I’m adding this post a few hours early. I wanted to post it on Friday, August 29th, but that’s the day my bride is having surgery on her knee. Since we need to be at the hospital at some ridiculous hour, I won’t be able to take the time to do this in the morning. So, here it is… a bit early.


Yesterday I gave a salute to because of the wealth of topics covered in their library of videos. The only problem I find is my inability to stop digging in their files. As one old memory reminds me of another, I type in the search term and am pleasantly surprised to find something else.

I don’t know what reminded me of Captain Video, but I had to see if there might be at least one old episode. Lo and behold, I found a three part program. I’m not sure if all three parts had been telecast in one evening. My guess is that each part represented a different night of fun-packed adventure for this little boy and all his friends.

What I found most interesting is that there were no commercials built into the videos. However, there were two Ranger Messages that were actually public service type announcements. One was about George Ross – Betsy’s uncle – who signed the Declaration of Independence; all Video Rangers were encouraged to be alert and do whatever was needed to protect our freedoms. The other message encouraged us all to avoid discrimination – to accept everyone without bias toward race or religion. I found that message especially interesting for a show produced in 1949.

Then came the part I’d totally forgotten. The announcer began talking about the secret agents Captain Video had stationed throughout the universe… and the scene switched from the meeting room on another planet to a group of cowboys getting ready to take the ‘Whistler’ captive. Their plans were to lynch him, but he and his partner managed to foil those plans. Of course, just when we thought the good guys were about to head home with no further trouble, there were indications that other evil villains were sneaking around preparing to do bad things to the ‘Whistler.’

Meanwhile, Captain Video had solved one problem and thought he was moving on to another peaceful mission. Little did he know… But wait! Isn’t that what the Perils of Pauline and other serials were based on? I believe they called them cliffhangers for a reason.

Once again I’ll warn you that these videos are long, but if you have the time, sit back and enjoy.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

I hope these videos brought back some pleasant memories of your own youth. In the meantime, I’ll be with my bride as she undergoes surgery on her knee. I had a similar procedure a while back. I referred to it as “Arthur Godfrey surgery on my Nabisco.”


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