Jeremiah's Legacy

Jeremiah's Legacy

I attended a memorial service for a long-time friend and listened with interest as different people shared their memories of a fine woman. Betty Chernak died of cancer after a long battle, but the prolonged illness did allow her to say her goodbyes and left her family with memories that would’ve been much more bitter had she died suddenly.

My mother died suddenly and it’s taken me years to get over the shock.

There’s so much we can do to soften the blow for our loved ones… even if we go suddenly. My bride’s father took that route. He decided he was too old to live alone and sold the house he and his deceased wife had built many years prior. He moved into an assisted living facility. He still had his car and his independence.

A few years later, he concluded that he was no longer safe behind the wheel and gave his car to a nephew. He rode the facility’s mini-bus to the grocery store and doctor’s appointments… when his daughter wasn’t available to assist him.

Eventually his age caught up with him. He made the arrangements to give up his apartment and move into a nursing home. He also took the time to get his financial house in order to make the settling of his estate easier for his heirs.

Poppo Workman will long be remembered because he cared enough to make his death easier for his children to handle… but he’ll also be remembered for the many other things he did during his lifetime.

The photo at the beginning of this is located in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Jeremiah was an ancestor of mine and was obviously remembered for things other than his final days. In fact, he left his land to his children who eventually sold it… for less than $2.00 per acre. But that was probably big money back then.

I think we all want to be remembered beyond the grave. But, in truth, how many of us are? Most ‘common’ people are quickly forgotten. But so are most members of the ‘nobility.’

Some people commit terrible crimes so that their names will live on for centuries, but, fortunately, they are in the minority.

I hope my writings pop up from time to time as do the writings of another of my ancestors. Daniel Leeds was a prolific writer, but even then, he had to depend on his quarrels with the Quakers to really make a name for himself.

Dean Martin’s had his own thoughts on the subject.

And Bob Hope took an approach that made him famous… although I wonder how many youngsters would recognize his name.

I’m in Columbus, Georgia right now and don’t have ready access to a reliable Internet connection. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep my promise of “Something NEW every day.”


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