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Sunrise at Port Angeles, Washington

Sunrise at Port Angeles, Washington

I’ve been writing this blog for over two months and this is the first time I’d rather be doing something else. Today will find me going to a memorial service for an old friend who died of cancer. Then I’ll attend a meeting in downtown Atlanta (a place I try to avoid because I hate sitting in traffic) to discuss a new project I’ll be working on as a corporate training consultant.

Fortunately, I don’t need to drive the fifty miles into Atlanta on a regular basis. Later this week I’ll travel to another city in Georgia to begin work on the project. After spending a few days with the client, I’ll return to my office and do most of the work there. My office, by the way, is right across the hall from my bedroom. Being self-employed includes some definite benefits!

I hope you’ll stick around long enough to read the post below this one. It’s about photos that could be used for computer wallpaper or rec room murals. I’m especially interested in learning the location of the scene on the mural of my dentist’s office. I’m been searching for that answer for a number of years.

Once again, let me say Thanks You for stopping by and telling your friends and family where they can go… to find some interesting reading material, pretty pictures, and fun videos. And it’s all rated “G” for goodness sake!


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