In Search of the Perfect Wallpaper

Today’s post is going to end with a contest… mainly because I’ve been trying to find the answer to a puzzle for a number of years. I’m hoping someone who reads this will be able to solve the mystery.

I’m going to insert a number of pictures that would be suitable to use as wallpaper on your computer screen. Some might even be acceptable as wallpaper for your family room… or dentist’s office. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s begin with picture number 1. See if you can guess where it was taken. Try not to peek at the answer below.

Picture Number 1

Picture Number 1

If you’re thinking that it might be Denver or Kansas City, you really need to get out more. I can tell you that the walls were built in the 1500s and no army or navy was able to penetrate the defenses until the people who lived here allowed the Americans to gain access during the Spanish-American War. That’s right. It’s the bay at Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Let’s try another.

Picture Number 2

Picture Number 2

Would it help if I told you there’s a town called Campbell River just south of this lake? How about if I mention that the lake is on an island, and the name of the island is the same as a large city that can be reached by ferry? I could also mention that a city on this island is the capital of a Canadian province. That’s correct. It’s a lake on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. It’s about a hundred miles north of Victoria.


Picture Number 3

Picture Number 3

This one would be easy if you know where the Ten Bells pub is located. I’ll give you a hint. The town in Kent is named after me. Or, is it the other way around. OK. So my family most likely got its surname from this town in Kent. This is the village of Leeds… just down the road from the Leeds Castle. Would you believe they made me pay to see that castle? As if I were just another commoner. Fie on them!

Moving on, let’s look at picture number 4.

Picture Number 4

Picture Number 4

There aren’t any camels and there is no sandy desert. So it can’t be California. But it could be a country whose people are spending Euros in Chicago. Right you are. The Louvre Museum in Paris. That was too easy.

Let’s see what’s next.

Picture Number 5

Picture Number 5

You might as well give up on this one before you give yourself a headache. Compared to the other pictures I’ve shown you, this required the least amount of travel. In fact, all I had to do was step out onto my front porch. I call this one Sunset in Cumming. Pretty poetic, don’t you think?


Picture Number 6

Picture Number 6

I’ll give you a big hint on this one. We’ve been there before. If that’s not enough of a hint, I can tell you that a number of my good Spanish speaking friends would immediately recognize the Atlantic Ocean as seen from Puerto Rico… the home of Roberto Clemente.

And that brings us to the final picture. I honestly have no idea what location is depicted. I can tell you I took the picture at my dentist’s office. It’s a wallpaper mural and nobody seems to know the location of the rock formation. Take a look and see what you think.

Mystery Picture

Mystery Picture

The clear spot to the right of the mural is where a door used to be. If you don’t know where this scene is located, invite your friends and family members to visit my blog and take a look. Somebody must know where the photo was taken.

I guess I should have a prize for the person who comes up with the correct answer. I’ve already offered my warmest personal regards as a prize in a different contest. How about I plaster your name all over this blog? Will that work? If you send me a picture of yourself, I’ll post that as well.

Speaking of pictures, we’re having a professional photographer come to our house in a few weeks to take a group picture of ten of our grandchildren. We have Bridget come over once a year to capture the growing brood… and it ain’t easy. The toddlers have a tendency to toddle off just as she snaps the picture. But she has the patience of Job and a computerized program that allows her to swap faces to make sure she gets at least one good picture.

In truth, she usually gets several great shots without using the computerized magic. She’s great with kids. If you’re considering getting pictures made, I highly recommend Ms. Bridget McLean. You can contact her at her web site .

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  1. zoka says:

    verry nice photos.

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