Picking Up Speed

Have we solved the Y2K problem yet? How about the Leap Year Fiasco that was going to bring the computers to their knees? Is it safe to get back to normal?

At my fiftieth birthday, some good friends gave me a coffee mug. It showed an older person going downhill in a wagon and said, “When you get over the hill you pick up speed.” Little did I realize the truth in that statement. I turned fifty in 1994, and the last fourteen years have been a blur.

Since that momentous occasion I got married for the second time and somehow managed to become a grandfather… eleven times. I can’t count the number of companies I’ve worked with and I’ve done a lot of traveling. I went on my first (and only so far) ocean cruise and visited Puerto Rico, Ireland, and France – three places I’d never been. I also completed my quest to visit all fifty states.

And I sit here on July 31, 2008 wondering how it all happened so fast. I don’t even own a little red wagon!

In any case, welcome back! Or just plain “Welcome” to those visiting for the first time. I believe we have something to interest most people. Feel free to poke around and, if you’ve got the time, leave a comment or two. But do it quick! Before you know it, it’ll be August… or September. My! My! How time flies!


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