Google Fuel

Have you ever done a Google or Yahoo search on your name? I have, and most of the hits have to do with directions to places located on, or near, Jim Leeds Road in south New Jersey.

Such ‘hit’s’ are a little bit easier to take knowing that the road is named after my great-great-grandfather. His livelihood was based on oysters, He’d pick them up from the boats and deliver them inland. I’m not sure if he delivered them to the railroad and sent them off to Philadelphia or if he just sold them to Jerseyites who lived too far from the water to gather their own. In any case, he got permission from a farmer to cut through a field with his horse and wagon. Over the years other folks used Jim Leeds’ road. Hence the road was named after him.

I’ve noticed that most of what I post on this blog ends up on Google and Yahoo. Therefore, I figured I’d do some old friends a favor and include their names in this post. Then, if and when they do a search on their names, they’ll get a hit that will lead them to this article. Won’t they be thrilled!?

For example, I’ll bet Tony Civello doesn’t know that the original settlers of the Plymouth Colony got very tired of eating lobster for every meal. They considered it slightly better than bologna sandwiches. Tony, by the way, is a man I’ve known since second grade. Biff Bracy, on the other hand, is someone I knew in the first grade, but his family moved out of state shortly thereafter. I don’t think I was the cause, but it might have been due to the actions of Gary Smith or Bob Sipe.

Carol Bock, Nancy Nelson, Claire Scott, Sondra Flaherty, and Sandy Korbel all thought that Biff was quite the hunk in 1950, but later decided that Jim Irwin, Doug Graham, and Tom McKitrick were right up there with Jack Gillespie and Dick Parrish who had better prospects for the future.

Of course, the people I worked with at IBM in Pittsburgh had totally different thoughts on the subject. Jay McRae, Jerry Fuchs, Carolyn Cornelius, Carol Buzzard, Elaine Carter, Kathy Schuster, and Maryanne Purdy all thought that Jerry and I would do well when we moved to Georgia. John Urso even helped Mike Pecora and Nancy Guarchio get there.

Of course, if Cliff Ziph and Pat Sullivan had their way, Fred Pfau, Joe Balena, and Marilea Mastroni would have stayed with IBM in Pittsburgh forever.

Now, let’s see how many of these folks find their way to my blog based on my nonsensical sentences.


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