My sister tells me I missed a lot of interesting facts about our father. She says she is writing things down and will soon send me the ‘real’ story. That’s great! She knew our dad for about twenty-one years longer than I and I’m looking forward to learning more about daddy.

A good friend and fellow writer, Clint Matthews, tells me my blog seems to run forever down the page. He’s right, but I’m not sure how to do anything about that. I try to categorize all of my posts so people can click on the category that interests them – those categories are found over there —> on the right hand side of the screen. If you click on something specific, you can go directly to articles that are also listed down the page forever.

I know some bloggers have ways of just showing the first paragraph of a story with a link on the bottom for those who want to read the rest of the story. I’ve yet to learn how to do that. Hopefully someday I will.

I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from my friends who have been reading my daily posts, and would very much appreciate your comments. Just click on the link below. Even if it says No comments, you can click on it and it will start adding numbers in place of the No. Try it! I’ll like it.


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