A Great Experiment

Being new to this blogging business, I’m learning all sorts of things. Perhaps the most significant lesson I’ve learned thus far is that Google includes a function that alerts Internet users any time an article dealing with their specific interests is placed on the web.

Imagine that! There are millions of new things added to the web each day and Google has a program that not only looks at the title of the submission, but reads every word. Then it creates some sort of master index to make it easier for people to find each article. I find that utterly amazing.

To cite an example, someone found my blog by searching on Paula Charron. I was dumbfounded. I had to review everything I’d posted and finally found that I had mentioned a woman by that name in an article about Paris. I don’t know if the person searching was after the same Paula, but Paula’s name was buried deep in that article… and yet Google found her!

I spent most of my working career with IBM and mid-range computers. When I started in 1968, I worked with electromagnetic accounting machines like the 402, 403, 407, and 602 calculators. When they moved me into computers, I spent a little bit of time with the 360 model 20 and the 1130. From there it was the System/3, System/32, System/34, System/38, and the AS/400. In the beginning I worked as a systems engineer. After seven years I was moved into customer education. When I left IBM in 1992, I was still working in education.

As an IBM employee, I never got deeply involved with personal computers or the Internet; so much of what I’m dealing with now is new to me. But one trait that has been with me all my life is my curiosity.

Shortly after I left IBM I went to work for the National Data Corporation as a contractor. My sixty day contract called for me to help develop training materials for a new internal program to keep track of the telephone traffic in their call center. Like many software projects, it was behind schedule and I was soon being utilized by the Quality Assurance department. I was one of the few people who, while learning how to use the software, could break it. But, because of my many years with IBM, I could replicate the bug and help them determine the source of the problem.

The introduction of this article is longer than I’d planned. I’m trying to explain why I’m writing this article. It’s an experiment to satisfy my curiosity. I’m going to include various words and phrases that I think Google will use to alert people. I want to see how much the number of visits to my blog increases based on an article full of unconnected words and phrases such as men’s Dockers, Doris Day, and zucchini recipes.

For that reason, you may want to quit reading this article and move on to something else I’ve written. Although I’ll try to include a little humor here and there to maintain your (and my) interest.

I’ve just discovered something else! I should have guessed, but never gave it a thought that the other search engines have similar functions. I went to the Internet and discovered that Yahoo assigns a buzz score to search topics. I will now see if I can put the top ten subjects into one complete sentence. Michaela McManus, Jennifer Garner, Lara Logan, and Tim McGraw submitted the proper documents to the IRS after visiting a WWE event with their Hi-5 RuneScape, and then went to the UEFA Euro 2008 where they finished off their bottle of Tila Tequila.

There are at least two things I don’t want to do with this article. First, I don’t want to anger people who are looking for something else. I’m hoping they’ll realize I’m simply trying to learn something. I also hope they’ll take the time to look over my articles and decide to add my blog to their list of favorites and stop back from time to time to see what I’ve added.

Second, I don’t want to break any rules (written or unwritten) dealing with the proper etiquette of the Internet. If I have, feel free to chastise me.

As for the things I want to do… first and foremost I want to learn how to put a multiple choice poll on my blog. Then I could ask people to tell me which word of phrase caused them to investigate my site.

I’m also trying to learn how to put photos on my site. Many of my stories would be much more interested if I could include the photos I took at the time.

So that’s it. This part of the experiment is compete. I will add a “contest” and encourage readers to make a comment. Let me know what word or phrase brought you here. Also, please tell me you’ll come back! It’s so lonely in cyberspace.


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